by Evil Speakers

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Recorded and Mixed in 2015 with Fester at Haywire Recording
Mastered by Ephriam Nagler


released June 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Evil Speakers Portland, Oregon

Evil Speakers rose from the remains of a post hiatus band of roving large mammals with a clear bent for 90's indie nostalgia and inside jokes.

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Track Name: One Timer
The further down this ladder you go, you watch solids fade into disarray. Imperfect motions compete and complete. Smoke screens and mirrors - I watch you disappear.

So surround all your guilt with chains and change, and those slaughtered lambs - our superstitions. Assuage hard patterns, who gives, who dies, who lives? All those one-time things, for each a sedative.

You'll find some way for them to carry you home. Latch onto a weakness, call it your own. Your walls of brick and stone, burn up your bags like your told. Act out your suspicions and I'll pretend to know you. Maybe I'm looking back at uneven scores. Maybe I'm the only one.
Track Name: Boarded Windows
Augmented perfection
Swallow, inhale exhale.
Keep your back to the wall.
Keep your gaze fixed on the screen.
Myopic intentions
Static distorts the signal.
They'll worship color and catastrophe.
Their tongues are stained with disease.
Boarded windows don't come out alive she said.
We all build our own tombs.
Your view of love is a death sentence.
With the end you'll be set free.
Track Name: Moving Scenery
You're gonna stand in front of me, and fall from the edge of the earth.
You're gonna stand in front of me, with safety of little concern.
If you're gonna change in front of me like moving scenery that calls us back

So sure we're not gonna repeat it.
Well it's all bad.
It won't save us from envy.
And this scenery
won't slow for me
it's how it has to be.

If I'm gonna take what's left of me, and fall out with less than a word
You're gonna stand in front, with safety of little concern.
Time is a wheel that's killing me, and turning scenery that calls us back

The light stays on, dark moves us along, through heavy years.
The light stays on, wind the only song, on frozen ears.
We'll follow suit, surreal in our pursuit, of foolish cures.
The light stays on, dark moves us along, we can't stay here.
Track Name: Fools Gold
And you're drifting through more of the same.
Run ragged along the way.
Do to others things you've come to hate
And escape in the half-light.

The false but promising hum
of neon signs like fool's gold.
To the experienced ones
it's growing lies for smaller sums.

And you're drifting into alternate states.
For whom or what you can never say.
Just escape in the half-light.
Track Name: Agree to Disagree
They'll die alone on private thrones built of grand delusion. The half trained spies of the new electric eye, looming paranoia. As we grow, the circle tightens, eventually strangling us. The bitterness of the pills still on our tongues. Everyone's out to get you. When mountains of self doubt, obscure the horizon it's best to look away. Every year the collapse is drawing near, everyone is searching for something to see so just sit there bleeding, we'll agree to disagree.
Track Name: Past Lives
Next in line for the suitcase brigade, next inline for the show.
I saw you standing there, huddled along the shore. No point in coming up, you were gone beyond the storm. Hide your hands on the other side, profane one. Bite your tongue and breath deep, sleep softly. Beyond the curtains I see, above the walls and the city sleep, past lives return to me. Say goodnight to our satallites. See clearly, wasted time spent on bended knee. Sleep softly.
Track Name: Soothsayer
Gave up trying to calm this course
and tame chaos, found out it was yours.
You came down with an urgency
my eyes collected the scene.
Your 5th degree is worsening
you pity yourself more so than most
Death was on your edges
all talk so you pushed him away.

Threadbare values, a hollow shell
chalk outlines of places you fell
You came at me with your urgency
my eyes collected the scene.
Your 5th degree is worsening
and sea level seems so unnerving
Death was on your edges, guiding your pleasures
and they got lost.

A short day's drive says the soothsayer
I'll drive forever never to go back
Track Name: Among so Many Others
You led me into the fray
it worked out til it didn't.
We wrote letters the old way
to make sense of a distance.
Along the way we lost the night
to hear the cadence of first light divided.

You went back to your hometown and I couldn't nail down
where mine was
went back to your hometown

Among so many others
I like that you wore your mistakes
held them up til the sun met the water.

Nearing old with our distance
centered paths now adjacent
You couldn't stomach what I had to say then
and I can't picture you
or where you are now
I only live by believing
that it's still you there
within their walls

And the thought won't sleep in my heart
because the broken like to stay awake.
Quiet now, it will cut you deep down
and spill out words we use to sing.
You asked me for a chance, couldn't spare one
a silhouette's not there to bleed
you asked me for a chance, couldn't spare one
because a silhouette is more than me.